Get ready London, the bitch has landed!! Join me and my live band for LIKE A GERMAN tonight at King's Head Theatre 6:30pm. 3 shows only! Tix-

NEXT WEEK baby.... I am BACK! Don’t miss @agt Judge Cuts 2 😘🌈 #agt

LONDON!! This week HANS: LIKE A GERMAN hits King's Head Theatre, Thurs- Sat. Get ready for some FUN honey! Tix-

Airport bound and off to the UK for my live show! Do come and see HANS- LIKE A GERMAM At @kingsheadtheatre this week and at @assemblyfest in Edinburgh!! CANT WAIT!!


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Dearest England!! My condolences!! But the good news is I’m here to cheer up your World Cup sorrows with my live show NEXT WEEK!!! It might not be coming home, but it sure as hell will be coming homo!!! HANS: LIKE A GERMAN. Jul 19-21 at @kingsheadtheatre Tix-

ONE WEEK TILL LONDON!!! Tell your friends to get to Hans: Like a German in London! July 19-21 King's Head Theatre TIX- xx

FLASHBACK!! Can’t wait for P!nk’s#beautifultraumatour tonight!!! Here we both are many moons ago! I taught her EVERYTHING!!!

STATEMENT: Ever since my, now historical, audition on America's Got Talent, there have been many hurtful rumours surrounding my nationality! Some people online have even gone as far to suggest that I may not even be from Germany at all! I ask you... what sort of a SICK person would pretend to be something they’re not?! Also, if I wasn’t Germany’s proudest export since Heidi Klum, how do you explain this ABSOLUTELY REAL photo of myself and the German chancellor Angela Merkel?!? PLEASE STOP THESE LIES NOW!!! Danke x


🌈🌈HAPPY PRIDE LONDON!!!🌈🌈Can’t wait to get back to the UK in two weeks!!!! HANS: LIKE A GERMAN- LONDON Jul 19-21 EDINBURGH Aug 2-19 Tix-

Getting ready to head out on a the weekend. And yes, feel free to watch this on a loop until the end of time. No one will judge you

When Sam Mac calls and says he needs someone to encourage Jordan "Biggie"Steffens Strongman pull a Qantas 737-800 to raise money for Craniofacial Australia... I ANSWER! Freezing cold, pouring rain, Mariah Carey... CRAZIEST WEATHER SEGMENT EVER!!! Sunrise

Greetings from The Wall!! But soon... LONDON!!! Come see my show LIKE A GERMAN at King's Head Theatre with my LIVE BAND, JUL 19-21, before it hits Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 TIX-

Happy 4th to my US friends!! 🇺🇸

I CANT WAIT TO GET BACK TO EDINBURGH!!!!! Get ready for the most fun to be had at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with my show LIKE A GERMAN at Assembly Festival Aug 2-19!! Let your peeps know! Grab your gang and let’s parrrrrty!! 🌈🌈

DARLING! Did you catch me serenading @David Campbell on Today Extra?? Watch the full clip and SUBSCRIBE here:

Right.... I am down to my final box of dolls! If you haven’t got yours, head to and yours will be at your door this week ❤️❤️❤️

Oh lovely Heidi Klum... She meets me one time and I’ve already provided such a wealth of fashion inspiration for her!

When heading out with friends this wkend... Make sure you tell them who’s boss! TAG THE KELLY AND MICHELLE IN YOUR LIFE!!

Forget Uber!! I have decided that THIS is the only way to travel. Being carried by the delicious Modern Māori Quartet... LOOK AT THE PURE JOY IN THEIR EYES!!! 😳😳

Hey Hey Hey it's USA Today!

These four said YES and now you can too!! Come see me and my LIVE band in LIKE A GERMAN!! London- July 19-21 King's Head Theatre Edinburgh- Aug 2-19 Assembly Festival TIX-

Rolling into a new week like...

The kiss that echoed across America! See my full Access Hollywood interview on my YouTube and DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE 😘😘😘 FULL VIDEO:

Danke to Access for having me on the show today!! Let’s just say.... it got interesting!!! 😘😘😘😘 . WATCH: . #agt #accesshollywood #agtseason13 #americasgottalent #kisskiss

AMERICA!! Your home boy is on the TV today! Tune in to @accessonline to hear me talk all things @Agt!!! . . #agt #accesshollywood #hans #germany #hollywood

Darling... There is a REVOLUTION on the way!!! GET READY WORLD!!!


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