Even the app agrees... I am an ageless beauty!

Where am I heading next??? HMMM!! Head to and SIGN UP to my newsletter for new shows announced in the next few weeks 💋💋

How has it taken me this long to get into bitmoji! I’m obsessed

Oh say can you see?!? Happy 4th!! Time to make America UNITED again! I’ll be back VERY soon darlings!

“Cause tonight you’re gonna get my 💋💋” - H.Valance!

‪GOOD LUCK @MrSamMac FOR TONIGHTS #LogieAwards!!!! If this video doesn’t make your package I’ll be FURIOUS!!! #Shallow #AreYouTryingJustToFillMyVoid‬ ‪‬

Ahoy there @_kyote_!!! Thanks for your FAB drawing!!! . #Repost @_kyote_ with @get_repost ・・・ Hans is my favorite Disney Princess @accordionhans 💖💖

The last person I supported publicly was @billshortenmp, so let’s see how this turns out @sammacinsta!!! #macthelogiesgreatagain #logies2019

Now. Channel 10! @celebnamegameau #celebnamegameau

In an attempt to be the biggest fame whore to hit Australia since Israel Folou (my act is SLIGHTLY different to his), I’ll be appearing on Celebrity Name Game Australia this WED!! Tune in to see Grant Denyer stare lovingly at me for half an hour straight... #CelebNameGameAu

All you need in life is two chairs to do the splits across

A year after Tyra Banks taught me to smize, I am MODELLING honey! And this time I’m not HAND modelling! In Sunday Mag for The Advertiser!

Social media tells me it was exactly a year ago today that my "Beyonce style show on a Demi Lovato budget" went to air. A year later and this Proud Mary is still BURNING honey!! #AGT

After a fabulous weekend of Adelaide Cabaret Festival shows it’s in to the next! ALL ABOARD! I’m hitting up P&O Pacific Explorer from June 15-18 and June 21-24. Let’s go sailing baby!!

The HAUS OF HANS is open dahhhhling! Join us! 11pm tonight and tomorrow in The Famous Spiegeltent at Adelaide Cabaret Festival! Pic- Claudio Raschella

Hans shared a live video.

Someone left my cake out in the rain 😱😱

'Cause tonight, is the night, when 2 Become 1 with Sam Mac... He wishes!!!

Tonight is the night!! HAUS OF HANS kicks off at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and we have a cracking night ahead. Guests tonight are: Reuben Kaye, Meow Meow and Paul Capsis!! SO EXCITING!!! Disco Cabaret goodness! 11pm in THIS tent! ❤️❤️😊 TIX-

New songs, new costumes and... new dancers!!! Welcome my lucky bitches for this weekend Paul and Rhys 😍😍! HAUS OF HANS at Adelaide Cabaret Festival is about to go OFF!! Come for the disco, stay for the candy honey!! Fri, Sat and Sun only!! TIX-

Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it. The HAUS OF HANS opens this FRIDAY night @adelaidecabaret . . Pic- @stiniroehrs

Everyone: oh did you hear the Spice girls have sound problems at their show?!? Me:...

Ready for the DISCO?!?! The HAUS OF HANS premiers NEXT WKEND at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival!! Grab those tix! Stay tuned for all the guest stars during the next week! THREE SHOWS ONLY ❤️❤️

Now that the @jamescharles VS @glamlifeguru drama has simmered, you need something to entertain you?!? YOU’RE IN LUCK BOO BOO!! The stage is set. The lights are about to be lit! A new season of @agt starts TONIGHT!! Good luck to all the new contestants and to the amazing team who work on this show all year round... Yes... I know you miss me! . #agt #agtauditions #agtseason14 #agtpremiere

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want?! Talking all things Spice Girls this morning on TODAY

Spicing up @thetodayshow this morning ✌️✌️✌️#spiceworld2019

HAI... SI... JA!! Tune into @thetodayshow tomorrow to hear me talk all things SPICE GIRLS at 7:45am ✌️✌️✌️✌️#SpiceWorld2019

New Grindr pic?!

LET'S DANCE!!!!!! Hope you enjoy this video with me and the Hindley Street Country Club!!!

Eurovision week is HERE!!! Go Kate Miller-Heidke!!! She was spectacular!!!

Category is: CAMP!! So much fun chatting all things #MetGala on TODAY with Effie Stephanides Sonia Kruger and David Campbell 🌈🌈🌈


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