WHEN I GROW UP! Why was I singing up a storm with dear Nicole Scherzinger this week?! Find out tomorrow DOLLS!! P.S... she is magnificent and SO talented and HILARIOUS! I adore 😍

LA I AM COMING YOUR WAY!!!! Join me for ONE NIGHT only on Sept 29 at 7pm! Lyric Hyperion! My first ever full length show in USA!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸TIX-

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BABY... did you miss Sunrise this morning?!? Catch up here!! ❤️❤️

ITS ON!!!! I’m going around AUSTRALIA!! Join me and my band on the LIKE A GERMAN TOUR. Tix-

TOMORROW!! Tune in to Sunrise and The Morning Show for my ANNOUNCEMENT baby!! OR if you haven’t done it yet... Sign up to my newsletter!!! I’m sick of begging!!! #GermanysSecondFinestBratwurst

Three days to go! Place your bets!

“Hello?! What do you mean you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter yet?! Hop to it! My announcement is MONDAY!!” ❤️❤️

Feeling thirsty?! My big announcement is 5 DAYS away! Take a sip by signing up to my newsletter 💦💦

Six Days To Go!!!! SIGN UP NOW chickens ❤️❤️

HIGH FIVE!!! Honey, I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in exactly one week. If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, make sure you head to NOW!!

Yonce all on his mouth like liquor


It’s opening week of Edinburgh Festival Fringe and I am heartbroken not to be there this year seeing all the shows and more importantly all the AMAZING audiences who have come to my show I’ve the last few years. But I PROMISE I will be back when you least expect me!! Have the best month ever everyone ❤️❤️

FINALLY FOUND MY DREAM JOB!!! Please DM for services and tag anyone you think will be interested!!!!

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Hahaha!! FB memories... and My gosh... I really held Tyra Banks’ face!! 😂😂😂

A year ago today!! #RainingMen GOOD LUCK to everyone rocking the #JudgeCuts for tonight’s America's Got Talent episode ❤️❤️

‪Was considering throwing my hat in the ring for the job of judging #MasterChef because I know how to pounce when a TV gig is going. But then I remembered how much I pay mum for making my costumes and it could be history repeating!! #SlaveTrade #4Corners‬

How better to spend a Bday by getting a message from @countessluann via my dearest dearest @lookbothways 😂😂 I have NO IDEA what she means by “pretending to be German” though???? She has a big imagination!! #FeelinJovani #RHONYC

Even the app agrees... I am an ageless beauty!

Where am I heading next??? HMMM!! Head to and SIGN UP to my newsletter for new shows announced in the next few weeks 💋💋

How has it taken me this long to get into bitmoji! I’m obsessed

Oh say can you see?!? Happy 4th!! Time to make America UNITED again! I’ll be back VERY soon darlings!

“Cause tonight you’re gonna get my 💋💋” - H.Valance!

‪GOOD LUCK @MrSamMac FOR TONIGHTS #LogieAwards!!!! If this video doesn’t make your package I’ll be FURIOUS!!! #Shallow #AreYouTryingJustToFillMyVoid‬ ‪‬

Ahoy there @_kyote_!!! Thanks for your FAB drawing!!! . #Repost @_kyote_ with @get_repost ・・・ Hans is my favorite Disney Princess @accordionhans 💖💖

The last person I supported publicly was @billshortenmp, so let’s see how this turns out @sammacinsta!!! #macthelogiesgreatagain #logies2019

Now. Channel 10! @celebnamegameau #celebnamegameau

In an attempt to be the biggest fame whore to hit Australia since Israel Folou (my act is SLIGHTLY different to his), I’ll be appearing on Celebrity Name Game Australia this WED!! Tune in to see Grant Denyer stare lovingly at me for half an hour straight... #CelebNameGameAu

All you need in life is two chairs to do the splits across


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