"A true performer, Hans effortlessly leads the crowd through a night of wonderfully aggressive entertainment." ★★★★★

Broadway Baby (UK)

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"You don’t want him to leave the stage...“I would pay money to see him. Like, in Vegas, I would pay 100 bucks to see Hans.”

Supermodel Tyra Banks

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"Hans is the ultimate showman brimming with an exuberant confidence and captivating energy resulting in one of the most excessively enjoyable shows."

Culture Fix

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"Hans has the crowd engaged from sparkly-filled start to twerk and krump finish." ★★★★★

The Advertiser

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"Everyone loves him!"

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

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"It’s like an arena spectacular, but with the intimacy of a house party and the atmosphere of a sporting event." ★★★★★

The Upside News

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"He gives them their money’s worth. Year by year his shows have grown slicker and more expertly honed." ★★★★★

The Barefoot Review

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“Hans gave us a bit of everything: high kicks, tap, schmoozing and wit. This fast-paced show is incredibly well prepared and gives the crowd what it expects and wants – fun." ★★★★★

Adelaide Theatre Guide

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"He has a huge career ahead of him and I can't wait to see what he does next. " ★★★★★


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"Just go see the show, Darlings! Really I can’t say it enough – go see his show!" ★★★★★

Hifi Way

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"Clever, chatty, catty and completely hilarious from start to finish."

The Scottish Sun (UK)

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"From the moment Hans bursts on stage singing “The Bitch is Back”, you know you’re in for a fun night"


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"Filled with glitter and sparkle and genuine, heart-warming comedy."-

Culture By Night (UK)

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"The crowd quickly went wild and were whipped into a dancing frenzy"

Daily Mail

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